The Remix Dojo is a rite of passage for DJs of all skill levels to display what they already know and what they would like to improve as well as a 12 week workshop taught by some of Santa Fe’s best local talent. Those who have expressed interest in DJing or learning how to DJ at Remix Audio Bar have been asked either to prove themselves by consistently showing up and displaying skill or by taking the 12 week workshop. Completing the workshop will equip a newcomer DJ with the tools to properly mix their chosen genre(s) of music in a style they can claim as their own. Students who involve themselves deeply in the mixing culture have compared the experience to a college campus, where one sees professors frequently and can discuss recent teachings, leading to the Dojo name.

While things have been very uncertain this year, Remix is doing our best to find innovative ways we can bring people together through the art of DJing, even when typical methods aren’t viable.