13pieces 6pm


Badcat 6PM-8PM $25

Learn to DJ with Badcat! You will explore the art of mixing using the digital format. Students will learn on the Pioneer XDJ-RR and will have opportunities to learn on more gear. Drop-ins welcome!


13pieces 6pm


DJ Apollo 7pm-9pm $25

Classic lesson for the beginner with focus on the fundamentals. This is Apollo’s 3rd round of students.


DJ Corn 6:00pm -7:30pm $25

Learn the art of turntablism with DJ Corn! Digital and vinyl mixing will be taught using controllers and decks. Explore and discover the form that has created a new music avenue, the turntable as an instrument.

Curty 4pm-5:30pm $25

In 2013, Curty created “Mind, Body, and Soul” Music Organization, a sound rental and production company. He would love the opportunity to teach a class that is close to his heart. If hands-on learning about pro audio is on your list, cross it off on Sunday.