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Through the Black Gates & Up the Stairs

We are creating a space for a, once old-school underground, now mainstream Global culture using new innovative technologies to connect with each other.  We are all about music, bringing the most knowledgeable DJs and producers, mostly local, together to create and innovate (remix, if you will) this sub-culture that fosters a healthier and sustainable party lifestyle within the electronic music community.  We are taking the existing electronic music culture lifestyle and remixing it in a way no one has done before. -Joolz

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Tune In

Remix Audio Bar is focused on using technology to connect our community. Using a “Silent Sound System” we can listen to live dj music at variable volumes through quality headphones to create a vibrant atmosphere during our operating hours of 10am – 11:30pm daily. A pair of headphones can tune in to 1 of three available channels. We can potentially host 3 different DJs and a customer can choose which music they prefer.

We will host live audio broadcasts and live video streams so our audience can tune in and share the experience while it is happening or listen later in the archives.

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Why Do You REMIX?

We REMIX to push the boundaries. We remix it to make it louder. We REMIX it to make it quieter. We REMIX it to make it sexier. we remix it to fix it.We REMIX to make it relevant. We REMIX to keep it clean. We REMIX it to make it mean. We REMIX it to make it last. We REMIX it to remember the past.

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